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Encouraging Heart Failure Patients To Enjoy Their Chow -- Still Whether It's Not As Spicy As Before

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The individualised governance program of France's "Rà seau Respecti-coeur" makes quality of growth the first off nondiscriminatory for feelings failure patients, and one of the network's dieticians, Mme Hà lène Guibert, explained that the heart-healthy eating recommended in the programme commitment not be a source of frustration or misery - much for a Frenchman. "For innumerable elderly people," she told Emotions Failure Congress 2009, "meals are conspicuous occasions, and it's our location to bring well-balanced at these times health and pleasure."1,2
Patient and family education for a heart-healthy diet - as well as prompt recognition of symptoms and psychological facilitate - forms part of the RÃ seau's affection failure polity approach, and begins with advice to restrict salt intake to five or six grams per day, an amount recommended in love failure, said Mme Guibert.
"Our dietetic government starts with a shopping record which allows our patients to assess their zest and calorific consumption," she explained. "They can then adapt their health objectives to their own tastes and eating habits. In this we road we can grasp agreed objectives which are simple, achievable and measurable" - and which gate account of their completer health status. This is why our control approach is early personalised, and then collective."
It's for the twin reasons that the RÃ seau organises interactive cooking demonstrations, with everyone one adjacent a clear burden - mixed salads, vegetables, choice occasion meals, sauces . . . "There's a bit for tasting and enjoying the bite at each event," said Mme Guibert, "and afterwards each participant goes central with a technique of the day. The demonstrations also allow our patients to moderate ideas and discover new tastes and culinary skills." A DVD provides supporting information.
It's in ways liking this, said Mme Guibert, that "la dià tetique" can be paradoxical - because, all the more in France, a judicious diet which is cut of a heart failure authority programme can still be enjoyable. "There's no risk-taking, no frustration, and the pleasure of eating is retained."
Heart Failure Congress 2009 is organised by the European Society of Cardiology and Passion Failure Gathering of the ESC, and takes place from 30 May to 2 June at the Palais Acropolis, Nice, France.
Guibert E. La dià tetique: Un paradoxe franà ais?. 30 May 2009, 15.45-17.15, Heart Failure Congress 2009.
Information on the scientific programme is available at
ESC Press Office
European Country of Cardiology
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