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Atherosclerosis Vaccine Development Receives EU Facilitate

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The atherosclerosis vaccine action program by AFFiRiS AG is receiving financial support from the EU's EUROTRANS-BIO call. The respective project is lifetime carried absent in cooperation with German association EMC microcollections GmbH. The point of atherosclerosis vaccination is to elaboration the vastness of "good" altitudinous density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLc) in the blood and thus intersect the occurrence of harmful fatty deposits in the arteries. Product candidates were delivered by AFFiRiS' AFFITOME® platform technology. The target is a protein known as CETP (cholesteryl ester transfer protein). Closest vaccines for Alzheimer¬ s disease and Parkinson's disease, the atherosclerosis vaccine is the third such project announced by AFFiRiS AG.
Vienna-based AFFiRiS AG nowadays announced that its atherosclerosis vaccine boost program is receiving agency from the EU's EUROTRANS-BIO call. The supported project - known as CETP Vaccine (ETB-2008-28) - is based on the AFFITOME® technology of AFFiRiS AG and is existence conducted together with EMC microcollections GmbH from T√ bingen, Germany. The pressing need for an effective strategy against atherosclerosis is clearly evident from the valuable figures - diseases of the cardiovascular development are the unit one end of ending in Europe and the U.S. In Europe, this is at the root of almost 50 % of all deaths. One of the meaningful causes of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis, a narrowing of answer arteries due to fatty deposits. Although there are options for medication-based intervention in the form of statins, these are deemed to be of district effectiveness despite some notable successes.
CSO Dr. Conduct Mattner explains: "Today's therapies with Statins act on low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLc) and reduce its concentration in the blood. This type of treatment can dilute the likelihood of severe heart disease by as elfin as 30 % - and that's only if the patient takes the cardinal medication correctly and regularly. In contrast, our vaccine landing aims at decreasing the cholesterol transfer from HDL to LDL, thus increasing the concentration of the pleasant HDL. This vaccine approach with its long-lasting effects should avoid patients having to select life-long, diurnal medication to a strict regimen."
The leading item of the joint efforts of AFFiRiS and EMC is the vaccination against cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP). By transferring cholesteryl ester from HDLc to LDLc and VLDLc, this protein reduces "good" HDL and has a detrimental impact on the ratio of LDLc to HDLc. In the future, our vaccine testament lower the growth of this protein and shift the balance of HDLc and LDLc in the blood back in favor of HDLc.
Outlining the major favor of the AFFITOME® technology, project administrator Dr. Sylvia Brunner adds: "CETP is one of the body's own proteins. Trying to reduce its activity using a vaccine, we are faced with a formidable challenge. The object has many funds of suppressing an immune response to its own proteins, or limiting the effectiveness of any such response. That's why preceding attempts to mature a vaccine against CETP failed. However, as AFFiRiS has already demonstrated in its elbow grease on a vaccine for Alzheimer's disease, the AFFITOME® technology makes it doable to circumvent these mechanisms. We are now applying this principle to atherosclerosis."
CEO Dr. Walter Schmidt continues: "So far, we get announced the evolution of vaccines for three diseases - Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and promptly atherosclerosis. Currently, four other indications are besides part of our development pipeline, all of them characterised by a correct eminent amount of patients but again by a destitution of satisfactory treatments. As a result, these indications fit in flourishing with our long-term strategy. Our strategy itself is beginning to pay back as demonstrated by the licensing treaty value EUR 430 million that we recently concluded with GSK Biologicals regarding the rights for the technology for our Alzheimer's vaccine programs."
The CETP Vaccine project is scheduled to last 30 months and is due to culminate in chapter I clinical trials. Overall, the relieve provided to the project by the EU is reward several hundred thousand euros, while the two project partners are bearing around half of the complete costs.
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