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Covidien Launches Alarm Management Process For The Nellcor TM OxiMax TM N-600x TM Pulse Oximeter

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Covidien (NYSE: COV, BSX: COV), a primary global supplier of healthcare products, today announced the global launch of its Alarm Governance Development for the Nellcor(TM) OxiMax(TM) N-600x(TM) pulse oximeter. The OxiMax N-600x pulse oximeter is a full-featured, flagship oximeter that delivers accurate, reliable readings all the more during low perfusion and expression interference.
Oxygen saturation is a critical measure in patients experiencing respiratory depression. The Alarm Authority System alerts infirmary staff to periods of desaturation and potentially worrisome patterns and provides healthcare providers the ability to cause timely, more-informed decisions approximately the burden of patients.
"Cyclical impairment of airflow is a colloquial denominator in a broad variety of patient conditions that can lead to mortality and severe morbidity, but it recurrently goes unrecognized," said Administer Overdyk, MSEE, M.D., Professor of Anesthesiology at the Medical University of South Carolina. "Covidien's Alarm Management Manner quickly detects potentially harmful patterns and adds another level of patient safety by helping clinicians advocate ventilation issues before they become adverse respiratory events."
The Alarm Management Course enhances the earful if by traditional pulse oximeters and supports efficient, comprehensive care of patients who are at risk for upper airway abnormalities such as sleep apnea, a history of snoring and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Such patients add those who have a high target mass index, are in a reduced state of consciousness due to malaise medication and exhaustion, and hold undergone major surgery or the elderly. According to the Centres for Disease Control, individuals 65 second childhood of age and older version for the largest population of patients entering U.S. hospitals.
"The Alarm State Action testament help hospitals remain efficient in today's increasingly demanding health care environment while providing the highest factor of care possible," said Chris Lowery, Common Manager and Vise President, Patient Monitoring, Covidien. "At the core of Covidien's innovation is our goal to continue providing solutions designed to better patient safety, medical efficacy and healthcare efficiency."
About Alarm Control System
The Alarm Administration Transaction software upgrade for the OxiMax N-600-x pulse oximeter brings together the technologies in the OxiMax SPD(TM) alert and SatSeconds(TM) alarm government with two latest views that compile and dash the advice without adding to the happening set of monitors and sensors. The OxiMax SPD alert utilizes an algorithm incorporating a patient's rate, severity, closeness and activity of desaturation to detect patterns indicative of repetitive reductions in airflow in adults. SatSeconds alarm management is a clinician controlled feature that reduces alarm weariness without sacrificing patient safety by differentiating between downbeat hypoxemia and babe transient events. The new general annoyance format view allows evaluation of a patient's context at a glance, and the advanced trend idea offers historical information with highlighted alerts.
Many pulse oximeters only arrangement a patient's now love standard and saturation of peripheral o2 (SpO2), a singular snapshot without relevant context. Whether a patient's saturation equable does not cross the SpO2 threshold, repeated desaturations may go unnoticed. The Alarm Management System's easy-to-digest indicate and historical data provides a more complete picture of a patient's status, enables another informed accommodation forging and facilitates proactive interventions.
Covidien AG
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