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Circulite R Synergy R Pocket Circulatory Assist Device To Be Featured At ASAIO And PEDS Conference

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CircuLite®, Inc. testament be participating at the 2009 American Community for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) conference in conjunction with the 5th International Convention on Paediatric Mechanical Circulatory Abutment Systems & Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion (PEDS) held May 28 - 30, 2009 in Dallas, with a booth display featuring it's Synergy® Pocket Circulatory Assist Device. Synergy is the first micro-pump designed for long-term, incomplete circulatory support to improve the character of life for a wide range of chronic love failure patients.
Convention representatives will be available at booth #115 to authenticate and give back questions approximately the Synergy technology.
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Conformed members from CircuLite's administration team
About Synergy®
The Synergy® Pocket Micro-pump represents a new way to mechanical circulatory support that can interchange chronic affection failure authority by providing a less-invasive, elective treatment option for patients before their disease control becomes emergent. Synergy is the first implantable step designed to fit fragmentary circulatory support (PCS) for long-term appropriateness in millions of unserved patients that have NYHA Class IIIb/early IV disease.
CircuLite's patented micro-pump provides up to 3L/min of flow, which increases complete cardiac output, offloads the heart, allowing it to rest, and potentially enables benign recovery of emotions function. The immensity of a AA battery, the device is baby sufficiently to be implanted subcutaneously in a "pacemaker-like" pocket washed-up a minimally-invasive procedure.
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