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Blood Power Gathering Note On BMJ Research Paper

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UK charity the Blood Pressure Partnership has responded to the BMJ trial paper 'Use of blood impact lowering drugs in the prevention of cardiovascular disease':
Mike Rich, Executive Director, of UK charity the Blood Pressure Association, said: "This research is another reminder that, as the extreme element of strokes and heart attacks, altitudinous blood coercion is a context that must be taken seriously.
"More than half of crowd in their 50s bear grand blood compel so the suggestion that each over the age of 55 should receive medicine regardless of whether or not they own the dispute is an engrossing one.
"Prevention is worthier than cure, on the other hand there are other proven ways to prevent colossal blood pressure such as healthy eating and public exercise, which posses other health benefits too.
"There is a danger that these earnest lifestyle factors could be overlooked in favour of 'popping a pill'."
Blood Pressure Association
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