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Direct Flow Medical Announces Fifth Patent Issuance Of Their Unique Percutaneous Aortic Valve Technology

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Direct Flow Medical, Inc. a privately held, emerging medical device Collection developing a later generation, minimally invasive implant to treat patients with heart valve disease announced the issuance of its 5th patent on their Percutaneous Aortic Valve (PAV) Technology. The patent (USP# 7,534,259) entitled: "Nonstented Heart Valves with Formed in situ Support" provides besides safeguard for this moment generation PAV device.
The Sincere Flow Medical PAV Step is a non-metallic, expandable cuff, bovine pericardial tissue valve that allows the physician to assess the hemodynamic outcomes prior to ending deployment of the device. The unique and easily repositionable "stentless" valve conforms to the native annulus resulting in tight sealing of the valve which minimizes any paravalvular leaks. The lowering of aortic insufficiency is believed to improve clinical status in these high risk patients with significant co-morbidities including coronary affection disease and congestive emotions failure.
"We are delighted that we continue to catch significant protection for our second generation PAV technology," stated Bernard Lyons, President & CEO. "The unique design features of our device have now been awarded important claims regarding controlled deployment, positioning and retrieval. In addition to a major clinical work of the Open Flow Medical PAV system that allows placement without hemodynamic compromise, our slogan is immediately competent upon the inflation of the initial bell in the left ventricle." Added Lyons: "We are most pleased with the success we have imaginary in the last 12 months with three fashionable patents issued and another allowed which is a will to the data and guidance of our patent attorneys at Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP, led by Gerard von Hoffman."
The Company's entire mental property strategy has been built on the seminal patent issued to inventor and world renowned frontiersman in interventional cardiology and treatment of valvular disease, Dr. Peter Block, Emory University. This patent (USP# 5,554,185) entitled: "Inflatable Prosthetic Cardiovascular Valve for Percutaneous Translumenal Implantation of Same" was issued in 1996 and was assigned exclusively to Direct Flow Medical upon its founding in 2004. The '185 Block patent represents one of the earliest innovations in the speedy emerging extension of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). "I am animated that the Company's Founders, Randy Lashinski and Gordon Bishop, have continued to advance my first invention and moreover, that the Company has rapidly progressed in its clinical assessment of this only second siring technology in humans," stated Dr. Block. "The Company's virgin announcement of the inceptive human appropriateness of the elementary ever repositionable and retrievable 18F system is a chief advancement to the field."
Direct Flow Medical, Inc.
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