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Dr. David Fischell To Speak At The EuroPCR Convention In Barcelona On The Detection Of Plaque Rupture With The AngelMed Guardian System.

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Angel Medical Systems has announced that Dr. David Fischell, Manager Executive Officer, will be the headmost featured speaker at the upcoming Out-of-the-box "Session Innovation@EuroPCR09" on May 19 in Barcelona, Spain. EuroPCR is the endorsed congress of the European Gathering of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI),
Dr. Fischell's presentation will highlight data from new human clinical studies showing the AngelMed Guardian System's ability to detect vulnerable plaque rupture. "When someone has a passion attack, it is typically the aftereffect of a blood clot closing one of the three big coronary arteries. When this happens, there is a shift in the ST segment of the emotions signal caused by the electrical difference between the portion of the affection muscle fed by the closed artery and the rest of the heart that is still receiving oxygen," says Dr. Fischell.
The Guardian Process is designed to internally monitor ECG signals in real time, 24-hours-a-day, to detect these ST shifts resulting from coronary occlusions. The Operation is comprised of an internal implantable device approximately the vastness of a pacemaker with a unmarried pacemaker cause into the heart, an external pager-like alerting device, and a programmer that lets physicians glance at gone the feelings signals.
Early clinical cases obtain shown the Guardian System's ability to detect plaque ruptures in patients and warn them to seek immediate medical attention. "Experimental and clinical studies chalk up shown that most of the damage to the heart occurs during the first two hours after coronary occlusion," adds Dr. Fischell. "This slogan has the latent to warn patients hours--perhaps yet days--before a love attack occurs."
The Guardian Transaction is currently available commercially in Brazil, and is in the ALERTS Folio II Pivotal evaluation in clinical sites across the United States. The anterior implants in the ALERTS analysis took city in December, 2008 with sites across more than 10 states now enrolling patients in the study. Angel Medical is currently ISO 13485 certified and is working with a notified oppose to accumulation CE mark approval.
Angel Medical Systems
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