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Use Of The MitraClip R Therapy Continues To Expand In Europe, Antecedent 100 Patients Treated

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Evalve, Inc., the captain in the boost of devices for the percutaneous repair of cardiac valves, announced today that the first 100 patients have been treated with the MitraClip(R) development in Europe. Clinical results to date underscore the acute clinical relieve for patients, roll out the practicable for reduced hospital stays and improved quality-of-life for patients. Of the procedures performed to date, 93% resulted in an implant and the vast majority resulted in a passable reduction of mitral regurgitation, as described by the doctor at the duration of the procedure. The MitraClip(R) manner is the apart medical slogan commercially available in the European Union which provides a non-surgical mitral valve repair choice for patients suffering from the effects of functional or degenerative mitral regurgitation (MR).
MR is the most usual type of passion valve insufficiency in Europe and the United States, affecting millions of citizens worldwide. Significant MR affects expanded than eight million nation in the US and Europe, the majority of which corner FMR. There are extra than 600,000 different diagnoses of facund MR everyone year in Europe and the US; but sole 20 percent of these patients undergo surgery each year. Many higher risk surgical patients and non-surgical patients keep up to be affected by the chronic volume overload caused by MR, which requires the emotions to work harder, and may ultimately example to heart failure.
"We have seen that the MitraClip(R) therapy provides a valuable alternative for patients who are considered flying risk or otherwise not good candidates for surgery," said Olaf Franzen, M.D., interventionalist for adult structural and congenital love disease at the University Feelings Centre in Hamburg, Germany, the faculty having treated the most patients to period in Europe. "With the MitraClip(R) therapy, owing to we hold observed a firm safety profile, we are able to convalesce the quality of life for bounteous patients suffering from MR who otherwise would not have been able to acquire treatment for their condition."
"The MitraClip(R) therapy has not only played a key role for patients considered as well high-risk for surgery, on the contrary has again been shown to be emphatic in selected surgical candidates," added Francesco Maisano, M.D., cardiovascular surgeon at Hospital San Rafaelle, Milan, Italy. "As a cardiac surgeon, I believe that this technology has expanded the options available to physicians to the cream of the patient suffering from MR."
As of today, patients include been treated with the MitraClip(R) step at fourteen institutions throughout Europe including the University Heart Center, Hamburg, Germany; Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany; University Infirmary Aachen, Aachen, Germany; University Infirmary Essen, Essen, Germany; University Medicine Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany; Bernau Hospital and Affection Center, Brandenburg, Germany; Ferrarotto Hospital, Univeristy of Catania, Sicily, Italy ; Hospital San Rafaelle, Milan, Italy; St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Netherlands; Cardiocentro Ticino, Lugano, Switzerland; University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland; Castle Hill Hospital, Hull, UK; Imperial College Hospital, London, UK; and the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
"The successful treatment of the 100th patient in Europe with the MitraClip(R) method is an relevant milestone for Evalve," said Ferolyn Powell, head of the state and chief executive officer of Evalve. "We have been pleased with expansion in the number of customers, the acceleration of the implant proportion and the ideal acceptable response from physicians with regards to their ability to quickly learn and successfully perform the procedure. This, combined with their able-bodied belief in the monetary worth of the therapy for their patients, and the conceivable health economic benefits are driving expansion and increasing the adoption of the MitraClip(R) therapy in Europe."
Evalve initiated commercial sales of the MitraClip(R) process in Europe under the CE Stop in September 2008. The society is employing a administer sales strategy and is taking a disciplined and measured accession to the initial commercial roll out. The collection has worked closely with hospitals to deliver big quality experience programs in preparation for the beginning series of implants.
About the MitraClip(R) Procedure
Percutaneous mitral repair with Evalve's MitraClip(R) device is performed by physicians in the catheterization laboratory. The heart beats normally during the procedure, and therefore does not desire a heart-lung bypass machine. In addition to improving blood flow through the heart, the procedure may also relieve symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath that much change patients with significant Mister After treatment, patients generally recover quickly. The MitraClip(R) device may advance quality of growth and may help MR patients avoid or delay surgery, having preserved surgical options (valve repair or replacement) should surgery change into necessary.
Evalve, Inc.
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