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Formulations Of Three Aspirin Types Compared By Study

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For many years, it has been known that aspirin is salutary to patients suffering affection attacks and near-heart attacks. Nevertheless which of the legion contradistinct types of aspirin is likely to help the most?
A group of researchers led by Dr. Sean Nordt from the University of California, San Diego gave three disparate types of aspirin to a group of volunteer test subjects: popular aspirin swallowed whole, regular aspirin chewed and swallowed, and chewable aspirin chewed and swallowed. Blood levels of aspirin were then measured, to look which route led to the highest aspirin levels in the body.
The chewable aspirin consistently showed more advantageous and extra close absorption than the universal aspirin, if swallowed integral or chewed. This seemingly quite clean finding could edge to improvements in the care of heart advance patients.
The presentation, entitled "Comparison Of Three Aspirin Formulations" was given by Dr. Sean Nordt in the Cardiovascular forum at the 2009 SAEM Annual Meeting at the Sheraton Late Orleans on May 15. Abstracts are published in Vol. 16, No. 4, Supplement 1, April 2009 of Academic Emergency Medicine, the official magazine of the Sovereign state for Academic Emergency Medicine.
Sean Wagner
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