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Clinical Data, Inc. Expands FAMILION R Enduring QT Syndrome Check By Doubling The Cipher Of Genes

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PGxHealth, a division of Clinical Data, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLDA), a biotechnology company developing targeted therapeutics and genetic and pharmacogenomic tests to detect diseases and predict narcotic safety, tolerability and efficacy, announced at the Love Rhythm Country assignation that it will dual the amount of genes in its FAMILION Spread out QT Syndrome (LQTS) Test. By detecting genetic mutations in individuals and their families, the FAMILION LQTS Test can advice director treatment to prevent possible sudden cardiac death. This newly enhanced LQTS Analysis follows the 3-gene expansion of the FAMILION Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Trial released earlier this year and demonstrates the Company's leadership in genetic testing for inherited cardiac disorders.
"The appendix of these five LQTS genes demonstrates our commitment to expand the scope of our tests as the clinical overhaul of brand-new dope is endorsed by the medical community," said Drew Fromkin, President and CEO of Clinical Data. "We are besides pleased that the investments we accept made in our laboratory operations, doctor and patient support services and payor reimbursement function will enable us to rendition this enhanced LQTS Corroboration without increasing our price."
And at the Heart Rhythm meeting, PGxHealth scientists, together with academic collaborators, are presenting three scientific abstracts relating to inherited cardiac conditions. Presentations include:
- Spectrum and Prevalence of Mutations for the First 2500 Consecutive Unrelated LQTS Patients Referred for FAMILION® Stretched QT Syndrome Genetic Testing. Summary # PO03-4
- A Worldwide Compendium of Putative Brugada Syndrome Associated Mutations in the SCN5A-Encoded Cardiac Sodium Channel. Abstract # PO06-6
- Case-Control Genetic Comparison of the Cardiac Ryanodine Receptor in Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia. Abstract # PO02-160
"PGxHealth welcomes the break to blend academicians and healthcare providers from around the star again this year at the Feelings Rhythm Society meeting, as we continue to disseminate life-or-death information that will advance the understanding of heart disease and also inform treatment decisions," said Carol R. Reed, MD, Executive Vise Head of the state and Manager Medical Officer of Clinical Data.
In related news, PGxHealth has filed a patent apply with the Unites States Patent and Trademark Profession pertaining to 336 new mutations in the Far-reaching QT genes. "This patent filing builds upon our existing intellectual property in LQTS testing and is consistent with our commitment to bring new and enhanced tests to physicians and their patients," added Fromkin.
For Bounteous Facts on the FAMILION family of tests, please contact PGxHealth Customer Supply at 877-2-PGxHealth (877-274-9432) or visit
Clinical Data, Inc.
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