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Full Genetic Recite Paves Way For New Blood-pressure Medicines

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Eight formerly hidden genes that affect blood pressure were recently identified in a filled international study comprising 34,433 Europeans. The findings of the study, in which Uppsala University researchers participated, were presented in the Net edition of Nature Genetics.
Formidable blood pressure is a big contributing end of cardiovascular disorders. Preceding studies have shown that it is extraordinarily challenging to distinguish genes that affect blood pressure, partly owing to blood pressure is impacted by non-genetic factors, such as application and intake of salt in food, and partly because there are many genes that work cool to perturb blood pressure.
In the manifest study, a concerted drill was untrue by 93 research teams in 14 countries to treasure genes that affect blood-pressure levels in healthy individuals. To find these genes, blood-pressure levels were monitored in those participating in the study, and DNA samples were gathered. The plentiful human genome was mapped systematically by analysing the DNA samples with the corrective of hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, so-called SNP markers. Sweden was represented in the peruse by three probation teams: Ann-Christine Syv√ nen's trial band and the SNP technology platform at Uppsala University, a group from the Karolinska Institute, and a group from Lund University. The announce included DNA samples from 2,000 Swedes.
The areas of the genome that were identified in the study contain distinct genes that probably play a role in regulating blood pressure. The CYP17A1 gene on chromosome 10q24, for instance, plays a main role in the biosynthesis of glucorticoid hormones, which influence the metabolism of salt. In another area on chromosome 1p36 there are genes for two peptides with natrium-expelling effects. A lesser-known gene in this area, CLCN6, codes for a chloride canal in the neurons, which was not previously associated with blood-pressure regulation, and in an nature on chromosome 17q21 there is the phopholipase gene, PLCD3, which is salient for signaling in smooth muscles.
Professor Ann-Christine Syvanen
Uppsala University
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