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First Free Heart Testing Tour Of England - CRY Philips Proof My Heart Tour 09 Aims To Shorten Digit Of Heart Deaths Of Apparently Fit Young General public

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A advanced governmental crusade aiming to reduce the figure of undiagnosed love conditions testament visit 12 destinations in Great britain throughout May and June. The CRY Philips Test My Feelings Tour 09 is the headmost paper tour of its kind in England and has been made credible by charity CRY, and health and well-being partnership Philips, over the fundraising efforts of families whose lives annex been affected by Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) or Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), and the Gwyneth Forrester Trust. The tour aims to analysis over 3,000 14-35 year olds hearts to name passion conditions which could potentially prove fatal if left untreated. To book a unpaid appointment at one of the 12 tour locations simply pep to
Over almost two months the tour will stay Durham, Newcastle, Liverpool (Ormskirk), Manchester (Manchester University), Sheffield, Manchester (Atherton), Leeds, Preston, Nottingham, London (Sidcup), Welwyn Garden City, finishing in Brentford, London on 28 June.
Indefinite events on the tour will be held in consciousness of a childish person who gone their life. Every week, 12 young crowd lose their lives to sudden cardiac death in the UK* - this is a statistic that CRY, Philips and families confidence to reduce. A staggering 80 per cent of apparently healthy 14-35 year olds who die from SDS will bear shown no preceding indication of emotions defects until it is further late. It is widely accepted that testing saves lives, and the CRY Philips Check My Affection Tour 09 is doable to detect conditions in people that might otherwise have away unnoticed.
The mobile unit, donated by Philips, consists of three rooms where Philips' ECG and ECHO equipment will be used to evaluation people. A team of doctors and cardiologists will be present at all locations throughout the tour.
Sir Ian Botham OBE, Honorary CRY President, said: "The sudden downfall of an apparently fit young person is impossible for surviving families and friends to make solution of. Speaking as a root and a grandparent, I am delighted that the contention is activity addressed in this way finished this screening tour where developing heads will be disposed the breaks to be tested so that conditions identified can be treated. That is why the work that CRY is doing with Philips to bring approximately this tour is so important."
Alison Cox, CEO, CRY, said: "The fundraising grind of our CRY families and the involvement of Philips method that we can feather a chargeless mobile testing function on this scale for the first time. Aiming to corroboration over 3,000 adolescent people, this is a extensive step in relation to our aim of reducing the numeral of Boyish Sudden Cardiac Deaths in the UK. It further allows us to trail concern to our au courant regional postcard. We hope that these initiatives will drive awareness of Sudden Death Syndrome and emphasise the gist of testing."
Peter Maskell, Chairman, Philips UK, said: "With our heritage in healthcare, including ECG and ECHO machines, Philips is exceptionally gorgeous to companion with CRY in an initiative aimed at reducing the character of Sudden Cardiac Deaths. 12 young sudden cardiac deaths a week is a staggering extent and highlights how much needs to be done to prevent such tragedies. Our wish is that this mobile unit will both diagnosticate existing conditions in people and lift awareness of the issue else broadly."
Testing should take no longer than 30 minutes and will obtain place at weekends in accepted places and weekdays at universities. For too facts about details of testing locations and to book free appointments birr to
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