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Astonishing Trial Shows Crowded Genes Agency Blood Pressure, Says British Heart Foundation

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New genetic variants that increase the likelihood of developing high rise blood compel are published in Nature Genetics today. In response to the research part-funded by the charity, Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, said:
"We have known for some lifetime that our genes play a role in high blood pressure, in that some families are bounteous prone to developing the condition than others. The findings of this big study confirm that elevated blood impact is due to the interplay of several genes, everyone with a little effect, rather than a few genes with a bulky effect.
"Understanding how some of these formerly humble genes interact to increase blood strength may front rank to just out treatments for this major risk factor for heart disease."
Issued in response to a paper published in Nature Genetics and press-released by Sovereign Mary, University of London:
- "Genome-wide corporation study identifies eight loci associated with blood pressure" by Newton-Cheh et al. DOI:10.1038/ng.361
The British Emotions Foundation (BHF) is the nation's love charity, committed to saving lives finished pioneering research, patient care, campaigning for exchange and by providing life-or-death information.
British Affection Foundation
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