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IMRIS Receives CE End Approval For Interventional Imaging Operation

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IMRIS Inc. (TSX: IM) ("IMRIS" or the "Company") announced CE Objective approval for its integrated MR imaging and x-ray angiography suite that enables physicians to diagnose, intervene, resolve and confirm the effectiveness of treatment with one integrated system. With CE Location approval, IMRIS testament immediately start marketing in Europe of two products: IMRISNV for stroke state and virgin neurovascular interventions and IMRIScardio for cardiovascular interventions.
IMRISNV features a 3T MRI scanner and a bi-plane angiography action specifically designed to co-exist in the identical suite. Patients with acute ischemic stroke transition seamlessly from MR imaging to intervention without stirring from the table. During and after the intervention, advanced MR images can be taken to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. IMRISNV is designed to chop transition time between imaging modalities, section the overall time for treatment and improve patient outcomes.
IMRIScardio features a 1.5T MRI scanner that provides images that can better the physician's authority to visualize the cardiovascular step before, during and after an intervention. With an integrated single-plane angiography system, IMRIScardio is designed to augment patient outcomes by decreasing the overall lifetime for cardiovascular interventions and minimizing the patient's exposure to radiation and contrast media.
"CE Stop approval of our manner represents our first step into the realm of neurovascular and cardiovascular interventional imaging", stated David Graves, CEO of IMRIS. "We are excited about launching our technology in Europe and we are trustworthy that IMRISNV and IMRIScardio will help physicians and hospitals improve the outcomes of their patients suffering from a broad span of neurovascular and cardiovascular conditions."
About CE Mark
The CE Mark for medical devices is not a factor mark nor is it intended for consumers. It is a legally binding statement by the manufacturer that their product has met all of the requirements of the Medical Devices Command (MDD 93/42/EEC), In Vitro Diagnostic Device Decree (IVD 98/79/EC) or the Active Implantable Medical Device Edict (AIMD 90/385/EEC), where applicable.
IMRIS (TSX: IM) is a global leader in providing fully integrated, original surgical imaging solutions. The company's flagship product, IMRISneuro, utilizes patented technology that allows a high-reaching globe MRI scanner to be moved in to the operating room on demand, providing imaging during the surgical procedure without compromising patient safety. This unique and innovative system has been validated by salient neurosurgeons for use in world-class neuroscience centers.
Source: IMRIS Inc
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