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Cinco De Mayo Will Offer San Francisco Free Cardiovascular Health Screenings And Health Management Products

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Thousands of San Franciscans testament hold Mexican pride and heritage this Cinco de Mayo, and the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH) is captivating this opportunity to span absent to a district in special need of access to health services.
Hypertension, or high blood strength - known as 'the silent killer' - is the most common risk antecedent for developing cardiovascular and kidney disease and affects else than 70 million Americans.[1] Hypertension increases the risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease. Proof shows that Mexican Americans with hypertension are less likely to know they carry the illness and are less likely to be treated compared with other races and ethnicities.[2] To maintenance address this pressing need, ASH will sponsor the Health Fair Pavilion at the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo festival being held at Assignment Dolores Park on Saturday, May 2, and arrange paper comprehensive blood pressure and cholesterol screenings.
These screenings are department of ASH's Moment Annual Community Outreach Program and a precursor to its Annual Scientific Affair and Exposition, duration held this year in San Francisco, May 6-9 at the San Francisco Marriott.
"We keep up to see rising rates of eminent blood pressure across the country. To combat this, it is vital that we not only teach healthcare professionals about how to effectively treat hypertension and cardiovascular disease, however that we simultaneously strive to dispense practical education to patients," said Henry R. Black, M.D., head of the state of the American Homeland of Hypertension. "This is our business in action - promoting strategies to prevent hypertension and edit the care of patients. As we did in Distinct Orleans latest year, we are reaching out directly to the communities in most entail to fit the services that will keep a visible impact."
ASH will add multi-faceted educational activities and materials designed with San Francisco's one hypertension and vascular health challenges in mind. Patient material will be if in both English and Spanish. At the ASH Health Pavilion trained healthcare providers will provide a area of services:
  • Free Blood Pressure, BMI, Cholesterol, Glucose Screenings and Counseling Sessions
    Screening results will be compiled into a complete announcement within minutes, and will be reviewed with the participant by a able medical provider. Those whose measures are gone of a healthy range will receive a listing of limited clinics that are aware of the ASH Regional Outreach, and expecting to be informed patient follow up.

  • Free Health Management Products
    Those participants whose blood pressure is more than 140/90 mm Hg will receive a complimentary blood pressure unit and instructions for properly using the device. Those individuals whose BMI (body bulk index) is outside of scope will receive a BMI body degree tape and bathroom scale. The blood pressure units and bathroom scales include been generously donated by HoMedics, Inc.

  • Free lunch Utilize Sessions
    Practice is an important component of forcible hypertension management, so ASH will be providing unpaid Zumba exercise sessions led by a examined instructor.

  • Complimentary Healthy Snacks
    Correct nutrition provides a solid foundation to relieve prevent cardiovascular disease and finance healthy blood pressure levels. Along with complimentary guide cards, many in-season fruits and vegetables will be provided to participants, free of charge.

ASH is dedicated to educating physicians, allied healthcare professionals and the general about original research findings and treatment options designed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ASH conducts year-round educational initiatives, including sponsoring scientific meetings to care a forum for the discussion of evidence-based medicine, peer-reviewed journals (The Annals of Clinical Hypertension and The Daily of the American Country of Hypertension), and scientific accreditation programs.
To help very dig direct treatment strategies, ASH recently published papers on hypertension in pregnancy, the treatment of hypertension in patients with diabetes and the use of home and ambulatory blood coercion monitoring. These papers can be accessed at
[1] "Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics "2007 Update." American Love Association; p.46; Table 5-1 and p. 43. [2] "Hypertension Awareness, Treatment, and Determination - Continued Disparities in Adults: United States, 2005- 2006"; Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Governmental Centre for Health Statistics;
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